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Teddy Edwards American jazz tenor saxophonist at Montmartre
"Teddy Edwards was an unsung hero of magnificent ramifications"
Ed Hamilton
"He is a tenor whose work is particularly indentifiable by its deeply
plunging pulsation and emotional engagement."
Nat Hentoff 
"A swinging saxophonist who created eargasms of ecstatic Jazz joy."
Ed Hamilton
"His horn matches his personality."
Bob Kirstein
"His solos are crafted with steamy riffs, rifled through like a deck of cards, blues hollers, sonorous moans and high wails, and middle register melodies that paraphrase the song under study." 
Gary Giddins

“…Each time, I have been seduced by his instrumental control,

his harmonic ingenuity,

his invention devoid of clichés,

and his powerful and gracious sound. 

And each time, 

I have been impressed by his affinity for the blues."

Jean-Louis Ginibre

"...He can sound like a train, or he can sound like

he's drinking champagne on that same train."

Tom Waits

"Teddy went through a whole lot of troubles in his life,

but he still kept that love in his playing...

His graciousness rubs off."

Bobby Watson

Theodore Marcus 'Teddy' Edwards (April 26, 1924 – April 20, 2003) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist, composer, arranger, and lyricist. He was one of the crown jewels of Los Angeles' Central Avenue jazz scene of the 1940s. 'His immediately recognizable sound puts him in a league of his own' as Gary Giddins once said.

Whether you are just discovering Teddy Edwards or already are a Teddy Edwards fan, enjoy this website dedicated to this kind and gentle “ladies’ man.”   


Please visit the other pages and enjoy discovering Teddy Edwards, his talents, his poems, his extensive discography some rare interviews and vintage visuals I collected over the years.  Also, make sure to check out the movie page to learn more about my much-anticipated documentary film, a gazillion years in the making. Click here to be redirected now.


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